Anime Analysis Resources

by criticalhit009

While I have studied anime for a few years now, I am taken aback in finding fantastic online writers and commentators only now. Here is a list of sites and creators that I find valuable moving forward. I’ll likely edit this list as a find more!

Youtube Channels:

Pause and Select: A new channel I just found, exploring anime through video essays and book clubs.

Mother’s Basement: Most famous for dissection of OPs, this channel excels at analyzing the specific film aspects of anime.

Anime Everyday: Similar to Pause and Select, this channel creates thoughtful video essays on anime.

The Canipa Effect: The Canipa Effect excels in analyzing the anime industry itself, including   identifying key players in the industry and their stylistic flair.

Anime Editorial: A tentative recommendation here, as his material is generally good.

Sites and Writers:

Anime News Network: The classic source for news on anime for North Americans. Some staff writers are particularly excellent at textual analysis.

Wave Motion Cannon: Another great site with analysis, part sakuga, part textual, all great.

Sakuga Blog: Sakugabooru finally has a blog, dedicated to the art and craft of Japanese animation, including industry analysis.

Anime Feminist: A new site, Anime feminist hosts wonderful writers analyzing anime through a feminist lens.