Rediscovering Tears for Fears

by criticalhit009

Tears for Fears’s Songs from the Big Chair was one of the soundtracks of my childhood, but I never had a CD of it for my own, and once I left for college, the band mostly fell off my radar for a while. I’m glad to report I’ve started listening to them again after a long unnecessary absence.

I’ve recently realized how the band has had an impact on me in terms of aesthetic appreciation. The band is named after primal therapy, a form of psychotherapy concerned with the repressed traumas of childhood and how they manifest into adulthood. Their first album, The Hurting, is basically a concept album about childhood trauma, with many references to primal scream therapy and emotional pain. Such inspirations, with primal therapy’s insistence on screams as a method of healing/expression, shape their music to be proudly bombastic, and this in turn encouraged me as a child to appreciate the theatrical and emotional in music, as well as hone my appreciation for synth pop in general. I was delighted to find I could sing pretty much all the lyrics to Songs from the Big Chair quite easily. Tears for Fears belts their music loudly and proudly, and I’m happy to do the same.