Lupin the Third: What to Watch

by criticalhit009

As my partner and I have been plowing through the most recently instalment of Lupin the Third, I was looking at the various lists of “where to start/what to watch” in regards to the franchise. Of course, these kinds of lists are scattered a bit throughout the internet, so I thought I’d try to collect them and link to them here.

Vrai Kaiser: a wonderful writer and Lupin the Third enthusiast, with particularly great writing on The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Lists include:

There’s a Lupin for Everyone (Just like Batman)

10 Unmissable Green Jacket Episodes

10 Lupin III Episodes for Beginners: Red Jacket

Reed Nelson, writing for ANN: An expert on Lupin, as he’s contributed to/produced various commercial releases of Lupin the Third. His preferences are completely different in terms of “unmissable episodes”, as his lack of enthusiasm for The Woman Called Fujiko Mine makes clear. Stick to Vrai for the wonderful analysis, and Reed for detailed knowledge of the series and its availability.

Lupin the Third: Where to Start and What’s Worth Watching

Lupin the Third: The Complete Guide to Films, TV Specials and OVAs