Women Hating in Jurassic World

by criticalhit009


I was reflecting on the torturous death scene in Jurassic world today, where a minor character suffers a cruel, cruel fate. From what I recall, director Colin Trevorrow has said that his intentions with the scene were to be both subversive and indulgent, creating “one of the all-time dinosaur deaths in a movie“.

The scene is the worst in the film, a stomach turning torture scene where a relatively innocent character is mauled and tossed around for 30 seconds before being devoured. It reminded me of the notion of abject horror, that in horror films, women suffer long and hard before dying, or their characters are actively aware of their peril, whereas men have quick, relatively painless deaths. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a prefect example of this, as the women characters either suffer or panic for long stretches of time, whereas the male death happen in record time. What this corresponds to is a societal acceptance, or perhaps, desire, for female suffering in film. Jurassic World appears no different, or rather, it was directed by a prick.