Sexism in Frasier

by criticalhit009

I’ve started watching Frasier again after taking a break. What I’ve particularly noticed is the depiction of sexist action and language, with a progressive punchline calling out said sexism. While the show’s politics are relatively progressive, I am concerned about the depiction of sexist actions as the set up for jokes.

Ideally, sexist transgressions should not be happening in the first place. Frasier’s co-worker Roz should not have to have her butt slapped or have demeaning comments about her sex life for these to be humour in the show. Season 2, Episode 7 is the episode I’ve been watching that has both of these events. Now, Roz makes comments near the end of the episode pushing back against the constant jokes about her sex life, but they don’t appear to amount to a significant change. They are, rather, necessary expressions to keep the show’s progressive facade running. While Frasier isn’t a politically reprehensible show, it isn’t nearly the progressive show it appears to be.