A Change in Languages

by criticalhit009

For my degree, and ultimately my future, I am shifting my language learning efforts from Spanish retention to acquiring Japanese. My Spanish is at least adequate, studying it from middle school to well into undergrad. I once even thought of getting a minor in Spanish. But now, multiple things compel me to move to Japanese.

For one, my research lies in Japanese animation. Obviously, language acquisition would be a great boon to my research, but would also help me achieve another goal: a graduate diploma in Asian research offered at my university. As language acquisition and (some degree of) fluency is one of the requirements, switching to Japanese is highly desirable now.

Duelling Streak and Lingots

I’ve practiced my Spanish everyday with Duolingo for over 150 days straight.

But another reason for the change is, frankly, boredom. Duolingo, the website I used to practice my Spanish, often ended up feeling like a chore to visit, despite setting a low bar of completion for myself. Perhaps such monotony is something I’ll seek to avoid in my new studies.