Jeremy Irons on Saturday Night Live

by criticalhit009

Jeremy Irons on Saturday Night Live

Two days before he won his oscar for Reversal of Fortune, Jeremy Irons hosted Saturday Night Live. The best thing to come out of this was probably the gorgeous title card.

A good SNL host will be able to give a calm, yet effervescent demeanour, rising above the (usually low grade) material to make a show of it. This kind of performance, and the improvisation it requires, is not a strength of Irons, making his opening monologue somewhat embarrassing as a result. Of course, it doesn’t help that the writings give him nothing original to work with, merely giving him gaudy props to play around with in the one note joke that “he wants to win the oscar”. As this is the only clip available, I cannot judge the performance Irons gave in the rest of the show, but I can say the other material not featuring Irons is quite good.

As Irons’ rushes through his opening monologue, it’s apparent that he only just flew in from Ireland (he even mentions this), so the embarrassing opening is only further encumbered from there. Luckily, Irons did win the oscar, blotting out small blips like these, largely to be forgotten.