2015 in Film, the best and the worst

by criticalhit009

A list of the stuff I saw that was released in 2015, either in the theater or on home video. There were plenty of good (and bad!) film I saw this year of course that weren’t released in 2015, but trimming the list down by release date makes this somewhat more manageable.

The Good

Neon Bull – My favourite movie of the year.
Mad Max Fury Road – Saw it twice in theatres.
When Marnie and Me – Criminally underrated.
Love and Mercy – Best use of typecasting I’ve ever seen.
Dope – Can you dig it?
Inside Out – Saw it Thursday night release to a near empty theatre, which was quite pleasant.
Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water – Such a breezy, enjoyable experience.
Desierto – Like Gravity, but on Earth.
Anomalisa – Puppet sex: 10/10.
The Clan – Literally made my jaw drop.
The Promised Land – A study of dynamic opposites.
Room – Maybe the most emotionally affecting film I saw this year.
Bleak Street – Black and white and bleak.
88:88 – ∞
Magallanes – Tense, humane drama was deeply engaging.
25 April – Cliche in some ways, revolutionary in others.
Demon – It’s an analysis of family dynamics through demonic possession.
Being AP – On the edge of my seat for section of this film.
The Iron Giant: Signature Edition – And already perfect movie made a different
Yakuza Apocalypse – Messy fun.
The Boy and the Beast – Perhaps Mamoru Hosoda has finally exhausted analysis of family dynamics.
Jupiter Ascending – The best of the worst, or the worst of the best?

The Bad

Strange Magic – LOL.
Meghmallar – At least all the padding was sumptuous.
Insurgent – Meh.

The Ugly

Jurassic World – Hates women.
Pixels – A disgusting nothing of a film.
Mortdecai – Cringeworthy.
Sky – Infuriating.