Reflections on the Past Two Years

by criticalhit009

Note: this was accidentally published earlier in the year as a page to my site. 

I haven’t been writing recently due to constraints of time and technology. I have things to look forward to, though. I’ll will be attending York University for an M.A. in Cinema and Media Studies in the fall. I regret not writing. Hopefully I’ll rectify this shortly while my beloved finishes their final weeks of undergrad.

I’ve been reflecting on the journey I’ve taken from graduation until now. From Spring 2013 until now, it’s been a constant uphill struggle for me, learning the practicalities of life. I emerged from graduation in 2013 tired and broker, with no jobs lined up and finally stumbling into a housing situation. I scraped by the summer unemployed by donating my plasma, finally landing a job as a cashier in the fall.

I’ve held the position for over a year and a half now. I slowly healed from my mental and physical exhaustion (exacerbated by hours-long commutes the first month), living on auto pilot for a while, because that was all that I could handle. Days after work involved vegging out with snacks for hours, a cycle that finally broke out of scholarly necessity for my partner.

Slowly paying off the daunting school loans and medical debt, I grew to understand the “daily grind” minimum wage labor quickly. It wasn’t until a year later I briefly considered applying for another job here and there. Of course, I have a Savings Plan now with the company, and the amenities which keep me tethered for now.