Jeremy Irons Month!

by criticalhit009

I’m a fan girl. An unusual fan girl. Keep your Tom Hiddlestons and your Benedict Cumberbatches, for I have a favourite that can’t compare.

Younger Jeremy Irons

Yup. Jeremy Irons. I believe I became a fan after seeing the acclaimed behemoth miniseries Brideshead Revisited from 1981. From then I’ve been hooked, always interested to see where he pops up. This new knowledge also enlightens me to the films I have seen as a kid, but didn’t realize he was in it until now. I’m looking at you Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Irons brings that quintessential British allure that many find attractive. His voice and demeanour are at once both assured, yet vulnerable. I find that I am truly a fan of his work, and drawn to see it wherever it might be.

For the rest of the month (and probably beyond), I’ll be covering Irons filmography, from analyzing his performance, to where it fits into his career, to the film’s context and quality itself.

First up will be Irons’ big film break, The French Lieutenant’s Woman.