A Possible New Project

by criticalhit009

While packing away my old notebooks once again in lieu of a big move, I thought of a possible new project: to type up all my old notes (either as a blog or in google docs) for easier access and preservation. This leads me to debate a few decisions, as I do believe it to be worthwhile to record them digitally some form or another. The questions that arise are:

  1. If I put it on a blog, should it be this blog, or a separate one?
  2. Are people even interested in assorted notes from classes I took at a liberal arts college a few years ago?
  3. Would they be helpful to anyone?
  4. How many should I type up? Condensing, annotating, and editing will be necessary.

I’ll have a few weeks until I start pursuing my M.A. in Cinema and Media Studies, which will hopefully give me enough time to finalize a template and type up notes I find helpful for my future education.