Notes on Blogging Platform Designs

by criticalhit009

WordPress has a new feature in its reader that estimates the time it takes to read an article. This is something taken directly from Medium, WordPress’ biggest competitor in blogging. While both platforms have elegant presentation, the time estimation was one fringe benefit Medium had over WordPress – but not anymore.

But this new feature won’t end. Medium’s design is an immersive experience. One reads through an article like a vertical scroll. Of course, WordPress’ reader feed also has this effect: clicking on an article brings you to a page of only text, with a similar minimal elegance to its design.

Both platforms recognize that it’s not just the text, but its curation that is vital for a digital age. Visual information is increasingly more complex on the web, and each platform accommodates this accordingly. This complexity also leads to the popularity of minimalist themes (such as mine) with these platforms.

I would ask “who will win in the end?”, but the web is big enough for the two of them, and more.

Does anyone take Blogger seriously anymore? No? me neither.