Gifs on Facebook

by criticalhit009

GIF in Facebook

Facebook outsources its cool factor from other social media sites.

You can now post GIFs on Facebook. Just post the direct link to the GIF as a status and let the screen load it up. This is significant in that people have wanted GIFs for a long time. Let’s not forget the time The Atlantic posted a celebratory short article about such a GIF breakthrough a few years ago, only to find that is was a hack.

It’s also a move by Facebook to attract the younger crowds lured by other more flexible social media sites like Tumblr, which allows any kind of expression, be it text post, audio, or GIF. Facebook still has the social compression problem in that no one acts like their true selves, but a sterilized version of themselves to suit all of their connections. GIFs on Facebook marks a new change for more flexible means of expression, but it’s not enough yet to get rid of its milquetoast aura.