Jodorowsky’s Magic Money

by criticalhit009

Alejandro Jodorowsky is trying to kickstart a new film, Endless Poetry, finishing sometime in 2016 if all goes well. Jodorowsky brings something different to the table, as always, offering an exchange of your money to his newly developed currency, Poetic Money. The kickstarter page describes the project:

Jodorowsky thinks that all money should be transformed into poetry. And so that is what he will do with this Kickstarter project. No matter what level you pledge at, Jodorowsky will exchange your pledge into his brand new Poetic Money (DINERO POÉTICO) and send it back to you. This money can’t be spent on any material goods — only on the poetry of the universe.

Jodorowsky’s political beliefs reveal the ideological foundation of this project. While Wikipedia notes his interest in anarchism before college,  Senses of Cinema‘s profile of the filmmaker illustrates Jodorowsky’s beliefs further:

Jodorowsky has said several times that he does not care about political revolution (e.g. compared to Godard’s counter-cinema), but rather about spiritual revolution on a personal level. “We can only change our oppressors. It is impossible for people to liberate themselves from oppressors”, Jodorowsky says. “People have to change themselves.”

Poetic Money is a clear reflection of Jodorowsky’s focus on spiritual self-development, though he has dabbled in political critique. The Holy Mountain (1973) critiques consumerism in the first half, but ultimately leaves the realm of critique and focuses the latter half on spiritual self growth. Jodorowsky’s beliefs are self-evident.

Poetic Money fuses his primacy towards spiritual development and the desire towards a spiritual revolution within the cosmos. It also gets at the heart of much of liberalism: trying to improve the world through existing capitalist structures, trying to fix exploitative, oppressive structures when they should be torn down. Co-opting the concept of currency to spread poetry is a politically bankrupt idea, but of course, Jodorowsky isn’t ultimately interested in politics. But only a future without capitalist exploitation will make his dreams a reality.

Update, June 11th, 2016: Here it is, Dinero Poético.

Jodorowsky's Dinero Poético