The Communist Necessity

by criticalhit009

“To speak of communism as a necessity, then, is to focus on the concrete world and ask what steps are necessary to make it a reality.” J-Moufawad-Paul, The Communist Necessity, page 31.

Alexius has already done a wonderful review of this book, so I’ll be brief and instead praise a few things I particularly enjoyed.

The book’s critique of movementism, the notion that small movements pushing against capitalism with ultimately inundate the systems and fix the world, is spot on. It’s a notion that flows throughout liberalism, whether knowingly or not.It also runs with the liberal idea of individual action making a difference in the world. One may ask what, if anything, did Occupy Wall Street accomplish, aside from “raising awareness,” as one friend put it long ago. Even then, petty awareness did nothing to change systemic inequalities that dominate the world.¬†Ultimately these movements are not organized enough, not cogent enough, and not strong enough to make much of anything happen. JMP’s call for the necessity of communism as a structured approach to changing the world.

“Let us advance the struggle for making a concrete reality, and let us cease this prattle about some ideal communism, that exists outside of time and space and instead, with all of the messiness this would imply, return to the recognition that its necessity requires a new return to the revolutionary communist theories and experiences won from history.” Ibid, 154.