Muzak Kollection: Phil Collins covering “Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes

by criticalhit009

Muzak is crafted to be passing trifles, only annoying if you are paying attention. It’s a strange, insipid craft. Luckily, Phil Collins’ cover of “Can’t Hurry Love” is a song I don’t mind listening to from time to time. The song itself from The Supremes is right in Collins’ range, vocally and lyrically. It’s a fun pop song about love. I think the fact that Collins’ does a good job covering the song makes it much more bearable that other atrocious covers I hear from time to time.

With covers, Muzak can target multiple demographics at the same time, people who remember the original song, and people who grew up with the cover artist themselves. Movie adaptations function sometimes function in this regard as well, though now the focus is on milking franchises more that anything else.

This is where I end my brief foray into the  Muzak Kollection. I still think I might find some nuggets of interest now and again, but don’t get eager anytime soon.