Growing up means realizing everything is terrible

by criticalhit009

When I was a freshman in college, I was a shut in who spent most of my free time online, taking in the vast world that is the internet. My last couple years in high school lacked any kind of high speed internet at home, so I over indulged in video streaming, and soon became a TGWTG fan., now, is a site of various video producers review media, generally speaking. it was a long lost friend that first introduced me to it, and I was hooked, and a committed fan throughout undergrad. Videos by the Nostalgia Critic and others gave a glimpse to something I hadn’t really seen before, the trash films of yesteryear. But the experience degraded as the years went on. Content grew into a rut, the site still looked terrible, and I found myself following specific producers outside of the site itself.

Now news is leaking out of the site’s awful labor practices, and general terribleness behind the scenes. I had seen blips of drama here and there before, but now the hints that were before me are made utterly clear, and I castigate myself for not seeing it sooner. The Nostalgia Critic was the key show that brought me into that niche of a world, and now the format is tired and worn out, a former imprint of itself. I should have said goodbye to that part of my life a while ago, but I persisted out of habit, I suppose. I guess it took the dam breaking to make me realize the flood.

In light of this event, I’m taking time to reflect on my own consumption patterns, and my participation within the TGWTG community. I find now is definitely time to officially sever my ties out of distaste, especially considering the terrible fandom the site brewed and attracted. I cannot in good conscience support TGWTG anymore, but rather the individuals whose works and words I still find wise, knowledgeable, and inspiring. And this has become the case recently, especially with Patreon, to support the producers directly in ways they never were at TGWTG. It’s time to let old habits die hard.