Birdman and Cinematography

by criticalhit009

Birdman (2014) poster

Go see Birdman.

Now with the review portion out of the way, let’s talk cinematography.

With Emmanuel Lubezki (The Tree of LifeGravity) handling cinematography, the film seamlessly illustrates the crumbling theater production in its run up to opening night. I say seamlessly because the film is mostly shot to appear as one long continuous take. It’s an affective choice that reveals multiple things: the chaotic nature of the backstage and the constant pressure upon Riggan’s psyche, the subjective nature of the story and the illusory border between fiction and reality, and the omnipresence of cameras in a digital age changing the nature of stardom itself.

This film is an exploration of (phallocentric) ego. It’s film imitating theater, imitating life. It’s wonderful.