by criticalhit009

Yogurt is one of the more popular grocery items people buy, but I am often skeptical of the brands I see being passed around, as most yogurt sold in stores is full of added sugar. This arose for the fat-free craze starting in the 1990s, where companies touted their “fat-free” labels while added sugar to compensate in flavor. America transformed yogurt, like it does with many international foods, making it more palatable for American consumers. This means transforming a simple dairy product to a colorful candy-like dessert. Meanwhile, the prices for newer, boutique yogurt like Chobani is remarkable – it is expensive!

For a healthier alternative, this post offers some advice for yogurt shopping. Of course, healthier yogurt (such as Fage) is also typically more expensive. It’s the central misfortune of the supermarket that healthier foods actually good for you are the least accessible. Hopefully readers can at least find a happy medium between the two at least. For me, I typically buy a store brand, reduced sugar variety of yogurt with fruit added. It’s cheap and decent enough for a quick snack, readily improved by granola when the mood strikes.