Justice League Action!

by criticalhit009

Rewatching Justice League is always rewarding, but it’s later seasons, titled Justice League: Unlimited, are especially fruitful. In the Unlimited seasons, the League’s watchtower opens up for over a hundred B-list (and lower) heroes having their own episodes. The writers certainly have fun showing off these under shown heroes, while inventing various natural disasters to conveniently prevent A-list heroes from stealing the spotlight. (Seriously, count how many times Justice League members are dispatched for various natural disasters.)

Unlimited improves on nearly every element from its previous incarnation. Episodes are full of action, outshining the previous seasons stints of stiffness. By getting rid of the two-part episode structure of the previous seasons and making every episode standalone, yet part of the overarching plot, Unlimited significantly improves its narrative tension and drive. For instance, Unlimited‘s first season’s overarching conflict lies between the League and Cadmus, a U.S. military organization chaffing at the Justice League’s seemingly unlimited power. What can, or rather, should the League be capable of? It’s an striking conflict to explore, and makes Unlimited all the more rewarding.

Both Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited are available on Netflix. While the former is a little dry and stiffer by comparison, it’s well worth watching. But if you’d like something more tantalizing to start with, Unlimited will whet your appetite and more.