Visions of Victoria

by criticalhit009


I am quite honored to have a friend like Liance. Unfortunately, it’s tough to write about his first album, Visions of Victoria, precisely because it’s so personal. Everything I’ve seen in this person is laid out bare; how am I to write judiciously? I’ll keep things short for my own sense of journalistic ethic.

The music is low key – synths, drums loops, a trumpet here and there. The music drifts and sways, primarily buoying the lyrics. And it’s the lyrics that I take the most interest in, not only because they show talent and effort and are good, but because they are a clear window to everything that goes on in Liance’s brain – mostly struggles growing from end of adolescence.  There’s a lot to dig into, but I’ll leave that for the listeners to enjoy. Recommended.

Best tracks: “Treading Water,” “Victoria City”

You can listen and buy to Visions of Victoria by Liance here.