14 Questions surrounding Bioshock Infinite (so far)

by criticalhit009

Leigh Alexander made an excellent point in her write up of Bioshock Infinite that the game is full of tears. And she’s not talking about the rips between alternate realities. Here are some the the questions that emerge from them.

  1. Why would black and Irish workers choose to live in Columbia, a city ideologically founded on white supremacy (among other things)?
  2. Is there no way back down to America? We can debate what the better situation would be, early 1900s America or Columbia, but that’s a rabbit hole for another day.
  3. How can a enclosed city, likely with no trade to outside parties, support a large manufacturing district?
  4. Why does no one else use vigors when they seem to be a common commodity advertised everywhere?
  5. Why is there only one church for a whole city full of blindly devoted citizens?
  6. Why is there a cake in the safety deposit box?
  7. Why are there guns and ammo in the trash?
  8. Why doesn’t Booker’s arm rip off every time he grabs a sky line?
  9. Why don’t you use vigors to solve problems more creatively instead of merely aiding in battle (and the very occasional power supply)?
  10. Why does a whole game which has a message of “violence is wrong” require the player to kill hundreds of people?
  11. Why does Elizabeth cut her hair after killing Fitzroy? (Answer: shallow, convinient way to show women are in distress.) 
  12. Why?
  13. Why?
  14. Why can’t this game be better?