Viz Licensed Sailor Moon!

by criticalhit009

Anime fans rejoice! Sailor Moon has finally been licensed for distribution by Viz Media. All 200 episodes will be released uncut, plus specials and 3 movies, on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital. Viz has also licensed the new season coming up this summer.

Fans have been clamouring for rerelease with a redub, and this dub cast is approved by the original mangaka Naoko Takeuchi. It’s a smart move by Viz overall. Not only will the seasons sell like hot cakes, but their planned strategy to release episodes over Neon Alley will likely revitalize their platform that has struggled to find footing. I’m surprised FUNimation didn’t snatch Sailor Moon myself, as they’re top dog in the anime dubbing industry right now, and have already rescued many a title from the Pioneer/Geneon days. Perhaps they were too busy prepping for Attack on Titan. Or perhaps Viz’s specialty in dominating the manga market was a factor. Regardless of the behind the scenes speculation, this is incredibly good news, and a long time coming.