by criticalhit009

No, starring Gael Garcia Bernal

A pleasant surprise from attending the Grand Rapids Latin American film festival was discovering this gem of a film. No is about the campaign to end the reign of the Chilean dictator Pinochet in 1989. Of course, the campaign is only allowed due to international pressure for fair elections. Headed by a group of various political factions, the Vote No campaign is given 15 minutes each night for a few weeks to compel Chilean citizens to vote against Pinochet during the upcoming election season. You’d think mass exposing Pinochet’s crimes of torture and execution would do the trick, but as Gael Garcia Bernal’s character notes, fear doesn’t sell, but positivity. As an ad executive hired by the political collective for the NO campaign, he brings his advertising knowledge to the political arena, and thus a fascinating angle to the film’s treatment of history. How do you create effective advertising across all demographics? in the political arena, this is key, and the film’s treatment of the whole ordeal of the NO campaign is vastly entertaining from start to finish. Shot on low definition tape, the same kind used in the 80s in Chilean television, the film has a delicious sensibility to it. Highly recommended.