Mistaken for Strangers

by criticalhit009

Mistaken For Strangers Poster

Mistaken for Strangers is a tale of two artists. Two artists who happen to be brothers, and have a daunting gap of fame between them. They are Matt Berninger of The National and his brother, film school grad Tom. What was originally going to a behind the scenes rock doc as filmed by Tom, acting as a roadie on The National’s High Violet tour, becomes a fascinating look at the relationship between siblings and their approaches to making art, and the tensions that arise from both. Matt appears to be a very Serious Artist, always the consummate professionalist. Tom’s approach in contrast is full of playfulness and irreverence. He has a great visual eye, and knows a captivating image when he sees one. But as a tactile/spatial thinker, his method of making art often conflicts with sharply logical stylings of his older brother. Ultimately Tom’s creation, the film is a rousing success those living the shadows of their siblings, and an incredibly captivating portrait of an artist as a young man. A must see.