Alluring Books Never Opened

by criticalhit009

 The Mystic Archives of Dantalian looks like a show I’d really like. I say this knowing full well I’ve watch the first episode twice in the past two years, being intrigued by the art and world, and yet never following up. I’m exasperated with myself sometimes for not getting around to it. It’s a period piece, with lovely art, about books! The kicker is it’s done by GAINAX, and it’s totally left field of the style they usually work with (Jesuotaku’s review of FLCL summarizes their style well here, essentially fan service, explosions, and pretensions to greatness.) Dantalian appears to have none of these things. The opening is gorgeous and keeps reminding me of the good times I might be having with the show. Of course, there’s never been a big draw for me to return to it right after the first episode, as the plot appears pretty typical. But perhaps someday I may be pleasantly surprised.