More Fun to be had in Dishonored

by criticalhit009

I’ve been replaying Dishonored lately, making a much more sophisticated run of it than last time around. Two things to share briefly: a thought, and a wondrous discovery.

I’ve been contemplating how Corvo serves three principal interests of society who use him to consolidate power: religion (Overseer Martin), the aristocracy/politicians (Lord Pendleton), and the military (Admiral Havelock). In either endings the game (low or high chaos), it’s the military man who ultimately rules and betrays his comrades. Of course,  this is to be expected. When it comes right down do it, bullets silence the power and sway held by religion and politics, at least initially.

Onto the discovery: if you brand High Overseer Campbell, making him a social outcast that people are forbidden to aid, he becomes a weeper guarding your gear in the Flooded District (assuming you’re still in low chaos.) It was quite the delight to find Campbell skulking around in his fashionable red gear, even though this means he’s going to die of the plague. It seems no matter what happens, Campbell is destined to die.