Time to Banish “Interesting”

by criticalhit009

“Interesting.” The word’s main sins are being 1) uninformative and 2) noncommittal. The former arises from poor diction, but the latter has a far more sinister affect. “Interesting” is used for deflection, to avoid confrontation, and maintain a sense of the status quo.  Distill a foreign/revolutionary/different belief or practice to an “interesting notion,” and you’ve robbed it of all its agency within your recognition. How tepid. Let’s be honest with each other and with ourselves. Let’s get at what we really mean, even if that means admitting you don’t know what to think.

Typically, using “interesting” means you don’t have anything interesting to say. Of course there are the exceptions, using the phrase as a place holder while you gather your thoughts, or slipping out against a writer’s best efforts, perhaps. But it’s a crutch far too used and abused, only watering down discourse. Avoid at all costs. You’ll be a better communicator for it.

Bonus condemnation: “unique.” There’s nothing unique about using the word unique.