The Tumblr Virality of King of the Hill

by criticalhit009

Space Dandy Hank Hill

The notable thing about King of the Hill is that it’s an animated show that could have been live action. Rarely does the show engage in trippy imagery, though when it does, the 90s roughness to the animation texture makes all the more surreal. It’s this down-to-earth nature of the narrative and its presentation that makes the show so malleable for absurdist humor in the hands of internet communities like tumblr. Any remix is virtually guaranteed to at least get a guffaw because of the atonality of the images presented. The show is a huge magnet for anime remixes, and I suspect its due to the jarring combination of rougher Western animation soaked in realism with cleaner Japanese animation soaked in abstraction. King of the Hill on the whole has a calm, unremarkable color palette, the humor is quiet, the presentation as normal as a sitcom could be. Put this in contrast to the vast exacerbated aesthetics that can be found in anime, and you’ve got comedy gold. A word to the wise: searching the king of the hill tumblr tag can be a dangerous trek. Art mashups can range from tepid to hilarious to banal to creepy to WTF?! Take caution for those trying to avoid as much mental scarring as possible.