Postmodern Pants

by criticalhit009

“It’s just this apartment is very… aware of itself.” – Sophie, Frances Ha (2012)


I had to get a new pair of black pants for work. The have a huge seam running down the front of each leg. However, the seams are not done not for functionality, but by design. In essence, the fabric calls attention to itself as fabric, the seam disrupting the cloth. They are postmodern.

One element of postmodernity (though certainly not limited to it) is a certain kind of self-awareness, enabling a text to play with its own medium. Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes takes a previously published work, Tree of Crocodiles, and cuts out words (and paper) to create a new story, shaping the very medium itself.

Tree of CodesWe’ve reached an point where anything and everything can have a sense of awareness to it (thing theory?), or perhaps we imbue (rightfully so) into our own creations. At the very least this means intellectuals will always have something to talk about.