To expand, or not?

by criticalhit009

I’ve been debating with myself for over a month now in how I’d like to blog about things non pop-culture related. My first inkling was to save everything else for tumblr. But tumblr is a place for sharing above all else, and reblogging as a means of commentating is far from desirable for extending conversations. Starting another blog would be better, but neglects the very essence that all the facets of my being make me, a single person. I’ve looked at different examples of writers and bloggers I admire: some only write on one subject, some, many. Either option would be valid, I suppose its really a matter of personal preference. So I’ve decided that while my blog will still be primarily pop culture orientated (it is my bread and butter, after all), I will expand to include anything and everything worth writing about. I came to this conclusion a while ago, but I believe now is finally there time to kick it into gear. Huzzah!