Thoughts on Sonic Boom Redesigns

by criticalhit009

Sonic Boom Redesigns

Art courtesy of Sega’s facebook page.

In lieu of a new WiiU game and animated show for Cartoon Network, Sonic is getting a redesign. Reactions have been plentiful. My thoughts?

Knuckles looks silly. The redesign literalizes his strength and beefs him up accordingly, but it doesn’t look good. While Amy seems to be playing a bigger role in the ensemble, she is also getting sexualized. Her redesign is tighter closes around the hips, always seeming to give alluring, sexy eyes. Stop it.

Tails looks the best of the bunch, the least redesigned from what I can tell. Many have made light of Sonic’s bandages, but as a character running at super speeds and getting into scraps all the time, I kind of like it. It’s giving a tinge of realism. Then again, that strain of realism also caused the new body proportions for Knuckles, and that hasn’t turned out well.

Sega’s been trying to make a comeback from “the dark age of sonic” for a few years now, and have been mildly successful. This game + animated show attempt with be another foray into rescuing Sonic’s sullied name. I wish them all the luck I can muster.