The Return of Patronage and Responses to the Economic Crisis of Mass Art

by criticalhit009

Here’s a great, nuanced response to the current condition of the rise of “patronage.” While my original piece is more a reflection of the new trend, this piece takes the next step in analyzing it further and making recommendations. Highly recommend it.

The Tiger Manifesto

Before reading my commentary below, please read the original article, which is an intriguing read of the current situation in mass art markets.

Whenever I read something about the economics of supporting artists after the online vortex (polar vortex’s seventh cousin) sucked all the profits out of music. So it is with this short post. There are a couple of points I would like to make.

1. The relationship between the capitalist “contract” between artists and corporations before digital tools made mass copying and distribution of information possible has more similarities to the current situation than differences. In both cases, artists get a tiny percentage of what their art is worth in terms of exchange value. Of course, in the age of mass media thinking in terms of a single “artist” being solely responsible for a work is ridiculous. At the same time, I bet if you added up…

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