I saw 2 Minutes of Tosh.0, and Hated It

by criticalhit009

Leave Sonic Alone!

Leave Sonic Alone!

I randomly saw a bit of Tosh.0 when browsing TV today. I had heard about the rape joke controversy, turning my general apathy towards his existence to general distaste. Now with a few minutes of experience with his program, that distaste transforms into something bordering on vitriolic. My objections to his content is mainly two-fold.

1. He is not funny.

His shtick is taking viral videos and making fun of them. This is not a flawed set up in of itself: Joel McHale of The Soup does the exact same thing every Friday, but with television programs. But McHale has more charisma, and more material to work with as the clips he looks at are from serialized shows. Tosh.0’s presence adds little to the enjoyability of the videos. But more importantly:

2. Jokes he does attempt are sometimes offensive or at the expense of others.

The segment I caught today involved the failed vault launch of a young female gymnast caught on film. Something happened that I didn’t see coming. He made fat jokes. Not only were they not particularly funny (“looks like we need a canon!” or some such remark), but they were cheap and offensive. And besides, from what I could tell, the failed vault launch had  nothing to do with her weight, but the poor placement of her feet leading to an ineffectual launch.

I don’t think there should be a limit to comedy subject matter. But it’s all about execution. The video itself is cheap and easy humor, making Tosh.0’s comments vaporous at best. But fat jokes is a branch of humor long done in bad taste, and it was frustrating to hear more of the same.