A Five Minute Analysis of a Big Bang Theory Poster

by criticalhit009

Those who know me well know of my distaste for the show The Big Bang Theory. In my opinion, it laughs *at* geeks and nerds instead of laughing with them, and substitutes a laugh track for actual humor.

My attention was caught today by an Atlantic article examining “How We Talk About Geeks”, featuring a Big Bang Theory poster that’s ripe for examination. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The BIg Bang Theory Poster


The men are looking at the woman with a rather eerie, disconcerting look. The men are also holding phallic symbols right near their crotches, symbolizing both their intellect and  erect genitalia. With these tools, the men appear to have more agency in the environment presented, with the ability to write and create on the chalkboard background. The woman, on the other hand, does not have this power, and is posed for the consumption of the male gaze.

In this poster therefore, we see a disempowering view of women, with men retaining power over women and the environment around them.