Editor’s Note: Yeezus Conversation

by criticalhit009

This is a conversation I took part in dealing with the poor Christian response to Yeezus, as well as highlighting some deep-rooted problems of artistic appreciation for Christians.

The Tiger Manifesto


Note: the following post has been adapted from a conversation between Jacqueline Ristola of criticalhit009. Most of the language has been left untouched, though it has been edited for clarity and grammar.

Jonathan Hielkema: I’m writing a very agitated blog post right now. Well, working on research for one.

Jacqueline Ristola: Oh?

JH: Yep. It’s about the terrible critical conversation around Kanye West in Christian media circles.

JR: Niiiiiice.

JH: Seriously. Think Christian (if you don’t remember, that’s the website run by the current Filmspotting co-host Josh Larsen) just posted probably the worst article I’ve read about it so far. Even worse than the Relevant review. Which is unusual, because Think Christian tends to be more professional than Relevant.

JR: Yeah, so I’ve gathered.

JH: I did some due diligence, some basic research into the author’s background. And he’s never prone to use language quite like this review…

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